Old Milk Barn - Cherri Drive - Pimmit Hills

Old Milk Barn - Cherri Drive - Pimmit Hills
Old Milk Barn - Cherri Drive - Pimmit Hills

Thursday, February 16, 2012

CSB Refuses to Release List of Other CSB-Run Halfway-Houses

Decision on CSB Group-Home Rests With County Board of Supervisors NOT Pimmit-Hills Community

By The Frace-Heller Family
Originally published: January 26, 2012

To all Pimmit Hill Moms and Dads:

The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) is refusing to release a list of addresses for its 'group home' facilities in Fairfax County.

A request was made today to CSB officials seeking addresses for CSB's group home properties so that inquiries could be made in the respective surrounding neighborhoods as to just what kind of neighbor a CSB group home actually is; and also inquiring of the surrounding neighborhood whether if neighbors had it to do over again, would they agree to allow CSB to come in and construct a group-home in that respective neighborhood?

A CSB official at CSB's main office categorically refused the request for a list of addresses for CSB's group homes, claiming that to release such a list would compromise "the civil rights" of the residents of those group-homes.

When it was made plain that there would be no effort whatsoever to contact actual residents in any of the group homes on the list, but rather to communicate only with area neighbors in the respective neighborhoods, the CSB official would not budge in refusing access to the information.

ALSO: The same CSB official also revealed that whether or not citizens at the upcoming Pimmit Hills Citizens Association (PHCA) meeting in March vote for or against the construction of a CSB group-home in Pimmit Hills, the ultimate decision legally rests solely with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and NOT with the Pimmit Hills community.

Very truly yours,

The Frace-Heller Family
Pimmit Hills
Falls Church, VA 22043
Contact via e-mail

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